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Sunny Sunday in Brussels

Brussels in spring light looks different, in a good way. Today I had more time in the morning to take care of myself. There was no rush. I met with Oana at 10:30 am. We planned to go to the flea market from Place du Jeu de Balle. I have a special attraction to antiques. Creepy doll African masks and dolls Old furniture After we made the tour of the market we headed to a coffee place. We had a place in mind, but we stooped in Parc de la Porte de Hal. We found a coffee to go near the park and enjoyed it on a bench. Cappuccino with whipped cream and cinnamon  View from the bench Some random comic book mural "Brunch" @Todt's Café Inner garden @L'atelier en Ville Interior @L'atelier en Ville Inspirational quote Good to know for next time I come to Brussels: Rue Haute has a lot of cute shops and caffés which are opened also on Sunday

Le merveilleux Dinant

The alarm rang at 7:50am. Crap.. At 8:30am I have to meet with Alex and Iuliana to go to Dinant. I was pretty sure I set up the alarm to wake me up one hour earlier, to have enough time to go through my morning routine. Well.. yeah, the Belgian beers are very dangerous if consumed one night before. I was super quick. I skipped my yoga session and managed to get in time. I also had time for breakfast. From "The hotel", we took the metro to Gare du Midi to take an IC train to Dinant. We bought the tickets and had 10 minutes to grab a cup of coffee before departure. Funny thing about coffee: in Belgium, people say to cappuccino: "kappu". A horse dressed in zebra having some coffee with a man in the train station. Dinant is a city in Walloon Region, in south of Belgium. The journey with the train from Brussels takes almost 2h. There is one thing I like about travelling with the train in Belgium: no matter the distance you pay the same price and during the