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Hanoi's hustle and bustle

Hoan Kiem Lake Hanoi is the starting point of my 3-weeks adventure in Vietnam. This will be my longest solo trip so far. In my previous trips to South East Asia I went for multi-country itinerary. This time I'm focusing only on discovering Vietnam. I have reserved to stay in Hanoi 3 nights and I have basically 2 full days to explore what the city has to offer. In the first night of my arrival I just went out to grab something to eat. I was too tired to do anything else. Cha ca - fish dish @ Hong Hoai's Restaurant All I knew about Vietnamese food before coming here was the famous pho, fresh spring noodles and egg coffee. I plan to try as much of the local flavours I can have. I have started with cha ca, which is an iconic Hanoi fish dish heavy on turmeric and dill. To my surprise, I had to make fresh spring rolls with all the ingredients I got. Sometimes it happens that I have no idea how to eat the food in front me. Luckily at this restaurant, a staff member demoed what I neede