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Budapest - Pearl of the Danube

The journey begins with an unexpected and pleasant meeting with a friend from university. She and her friend were also going to Budapest. Hurray! I will have some company in this foreign and mysterious city. It's the first time I travel with a twin-engine turboprop short-haul regional airliner (ATR 42-500). It's the smallest plane I have flown with. That's why the flight is taking more, the maximum speed is 500km/h, and highest altitude ~6000m. The landing was weird. Well.. We've landed safe and sound. To get in the city there is one bus (200E) with connection to metro line M3. The ticket is 350HUF (1.15€). I went to do the check in and after that I met with Alexandra and Mădălina near the city center to have lunch. Sometimes it happens to have in mind an image about the food you order and when they bring you the plate you are disappointed about the look and taste. This happened to me when I ordered paprika chicken with noodles. Well.. It happens. Afterwards