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Past, present and future

It came the time for this journey to end and make room for a new one to begin. The journey through 2017 It wasn't a smooth ride but that's life with upsides and downsides. If there is one thing I'm content I've achieved this year is: balance . I went through breakups with my best friend, lovers, I felt lonely in a crowded world, unworthy, with no talents. This is only one side of the story, but I want to tell the other side of it, that I am a strong woman, smart, cheerful, a dreamer, talented, brave. I just needed some pushes to discover all these things.  I was brave to travel alone across the country to volunteer for "Magia baloanelor" in Iași . It was crazy and filled me with joy. I met a lot of wonderful and passionate people, who are not holdback by the environment they live in.  Oh! and this was not my only solo-travel this year, it was followed by Budapest  and Lisbon . They strengthened my self-trust. Solo-traveling wasn't the only thing t