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Lemonade in Düsseldorf

The adventures I was talking in the previous post were waiting me in Düsseldorf. I just came back from my trip and I wanted to write down the experience I had. First challenge: find the train station in the airport. We went to the information desk to ask for directions and the man told us to take the elevator to -1 and from there follow the signs. Guess what.. At -1 was the parking station without any obvious signs to a train station. Good.. Let's go to -2, maybe it's there. Surprise.. No signs, only parking station. Let's try to 0 (we were at 1st floor at the beginning). Finally we saw clear signs to the train station, which was at -1. Second challenge: train tickets. I've done some research before our arrival and a ticket for 4 trips was the best combination for us. We were very sure we selected the tickets for adults, instead we ended up with tickets for children. We used twice those tickets on the idea that 4 tickets for children = 2 for adults. Before movin

How to travel light?

This is my first article and it's for my dearest friend, Andra. So, let's start. How do I manage to travel light? It wasn't like this from the beginning. I used to carry a lot of useless things with me. I think all the experiences I had thought me that material things are less important than the spiritual ones. I started to travel with only one bag last year. It was the weekend in Paris. It was amazing. I felt like I had wings to fly. Anyway.. How do I pack? It's very simple. I count the days, how many clothes I need and I try to put only things that I will wear. I don't want to bring with me my whole wardrobe. Also the toiletry list is short. I don't need a lot of products in order to take care of my body. I guess all comes with the time and the way you feel. I always wanted to be able to put all my things in one suitcase and move to another place. At least I can do this when I travel. I got to go. I need to pack. New adventures are waiting for  me.