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BEST Summer course in Stockholm

I will continue the sequence about my past journeys. I made a cup of green ice tea with jasmine and I'm ready to share the next story. Two years ago, in June 2014 I had the opportunity to attend this event in Stockholm organised by BEST. I remember I was accepted in the last moment. For this I had to postpone for autumn session one exam. But it was worth it. I don't regret anything. That week in Stockholm was memorable. That was my first flight. It was special because I was doing this alone. It gave me courage and confidence. Fluffy clouds There I met a lot of wonderful people. That was the moment I realized I should travel more. It was a full week with morning classes and parties until sunrise. Well.. in that time it was almost always day light. I remember I was woken up by the sun lights in the morning, and I was afraid I'm going to be late. But then I realized it was just 6 am in the morning and I had another two hours for sleep. Oh my God.. I did a lot of craz

Apple pie in Amsterdam

It's been a while since I didn't post anything. I didn't have what to write about. I haven't travelled anywhere since Düsseldorf and I thought to write something about my past journeys. I've been to Amsterdam in May. Even I stayed only two days I've wandered a lot around. It's nice to have someone with whom to share this experience. For me that's my best friend F. He came to Amsterdam for a conference meeting and I said: "Why not meeting there?".  And I bought the tickets. We do this kind of stuff a lot. So.. let's come back to my journey to Amsterdam. The weather was great. I was afraid it will rain but the sun was on my side. I will be honest and say that I didn't try any stuff for what Amsterdam is known. I wasn't tempted to do that. Instead I've tried the best apple pie. I've found a nice place ("Back to black") where I had a delicious sweet breakfast. I will definitely go back. What else? I was i