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Enchanting Iasi

"Magia baloanelor" is what brought me here. I volunteered at the festival. This way I got to meet Raluca, the person behind this beautiful initiative. "Magia baloanelor" is a festival with hot air balloons, the only event of this type in Romania. This year is the second edition. The festival is held in Razboieni, a village near Iasi. Yesterday after the meeting with all volunteers I had the chance to talk over a coffee cup with Raluca. My first question was: How did you come up with this idea? And she said: "Two years ago some friends came back from their holiday from Cappadocia and shared their experience with hot air balloons. I was in maternity leave at that time and I couldn't travel abroad with small children to experience that. And then it hit me: If I can't go to a hot air balloons festival, let's have one here". It's not easy to organize this kind of festival, but this doesn't stop her. The weather here is not very favorable f