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Avventura Napoletana

Intro The adventure in Napoli begins with this reminder: Enjoy the journey! This time, my travel companions are George and Andreea. We had a good start. Unlike in Roma, I was satisfied with the pizza I've ate since the first evening. It was so good and I was so hungry that I didn't take any photo. By the time I realised I should have taken a photo the plate was empty. You know you are in an authentic Italian restaurant when the menu is only in Italian. In high-school I took for one year Italian lessons and I was able to speak and understand at conversational level. Here, I realised that I can't understand a word of Neapolitan, the dialect spoken by the locals. I remembered one episode from Tom & Jerry which takes place in Napoli (below it is the full video; please mind the poor quality of it). I think that was the first time when I've heard about this place.   Following Tom & Jerry through Napoli! Day #1 - Royal Naples, Chiaia & the bayf

Andalusia: rain, wind and sun

I was hoping to getaway from the winter which installed in Bucharest... White Bucharest Instead, I was welcomed in Andalusia with rain, wind and a little bit of sun. Despite of the capricious weather I explored many treasures of this region. Actually, the real reason behind this holiday was Victor's birthday, a friend and colleague of mine. He got together his closest friends and here we are, driving through the beautiful Andalusia. Day #1 - Alhambra Alhambra or "The Red One" is a palace and fortress complex in Granda. Some useful tips for a pleasant visit:  Buy tickets online; if there are no available spots for the dates selected do not rush to buy guided tour tickets which are more expensive. Usually with 1-2 days before your visit tickets become available. This happened to us also. On your ticket is mentioned the time to enter to Nasrid Palace. Try not to miss it otherwise you will not be able to visit it later. There is no timeframe for the other attra