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Time traveling by steamtram Hoorn - Medemblik

The engine whistles and the fireman shovels coal into the firebox. An adventurous trip to days gone by is about to begin, when steam trams connected ancient towns like Hoorn and Medemblik. Seated in the antique coaches, we listened to the clickety-clack of the wheels, heard the escaping steam and felt the tram move through the timeless Westfrisian countryside. A friend told me about the steam tram rides between Hoorn and Medemblik, and I immediately booked tickets. We were fortunate to catch one of the trips that passes by the tulip fields in bloom. Hoorn Tram station At Hoorn Tram station which is converted in museum we discovered the story of steam trams in Netherlands, covering the 1878 - 1966 period. The Timeline exhibitions takes us back into history. Small objects, film images, photos and documents tell the story about the steam tram in the Netherlands. The common thread is a timeline in which the highlights of Dutch steam tram history are central. We were filled with excitement,

Valencia Escapade: Sun, Food & Romance

A long weekend in Valencia was a welcome escapade from burnout, a place to savour some sun, culinary delights, and embark on our first trip together to an unexplored destination for both of us. Futuristic City of Arts and Sciences We arrived Friday early morning in Valencia. After we dropped our backpacks at the reception of our hotel we went to have the second breakfast. First breakfast while waiting for the train to Schiphol at 5am Second breakfast at  MAYAN COFFEES Organic Specialty Coffee - Roasters - Direct Trade More energised after the copious breakfast we headed to El Miguelete. This is the Valencian Gothic-style bell tower of Valncia Cathedral. It is 50.85 metres high and was built between 1381 and 1424 by Andrés Juliá and others. Access to the tower is from inside the Cathedral by means of a spiral staircase with 207 steps. An 18th century steeple crowns the Miguelete belfry. The entrance to the bell tower costs 2.5 EUR p.p and it's cash only. I was a bit terrified of cli