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Tenerife in more pictures

I took this picture on our way from the airport. Two days later we went back and discovered a nice beach with nice view  First time when I saw a plane flying over our heads. I didn't know they will fly so close to us First morning. View from the balcony of the villa. There was a little bit cloudy but the clouds spread out quickly. A Garfield walking in Adeje. I couldn't resist to take the picture. Here the cats are very fat. They are well fed :)). I wish I could be a cat living in Tenerife. I've heard the cats here have only 7 lives. I could live with that. Near Playa de Las Teresitas. The stones have graffiti with different characters from different areas: arts, politics.  Houses on the hills. Somewhere high on the hills there are caves and some huts where people are living.  Playa de Las Teresitas. Too bad it was cloudy cause the water was perfect for a swim. As I said before, the best sand from any other beach. Soft, pleasant for my feet and toe

Day 8 - The return

All good things come to an end. This is the last day on the sunny island. It was an amazing week with a wide variety of landscapes: sea, beaches, mountains, semi-desert. A last glance of the Suningdale resort. I didn't get to try the swimming pool.  I wanna see what's there... Playa de Sotavento Behind there is a bar where you can have a drink and enjoy the view. It was windy so we didn't stay. Too bad :( Bye bye sun  Back to Los Abrigos. A small beach with black sand A public square in Los Abrigos Sun, cliffs, sea A Garfield of Tenerife resting in the shadow of a palm tree And I'm gone. Beautiful sunset. If you look down we are above one Canarian island (maybe Gran Canaria or another one more to the east)

Day 7 - El Teide

Today we changed the sea for the mountains. We ascended till the lower station of Teide Cable car, which is at 2356m altitude. The pics speak for themselves. Unfortunately it was a short stay, less than 20 minutes. The high altitude was bothering the others. I had a little migraine but I could've got used with the atmosphere if I could've stayed longer. When descending we went through clouds literally. The top of the volcano is above the clouds, as we've seen it from the plane. We went straight to Siam mall (it's near the aqua park we visited the other days). We've spent the rest of the day there. I've resigned myself to the idea and did some shopping. The vat is lower than in Romania + it's sales season. That's it folks! Time to pack up and get back home. Shower rain is forecast for tomorrow so we'll see how it turns out to be. Ascending. Clouds.  A little bit of sun, above the clouds  Same here Almost there El Pico de

Day 6 - Another sunny day

I woke up and went to the bar from the resort to take a cappuccino. The bartender asked me in Spanish: unos, dos, quatro? In my head: four shots of  espresso are too many, two is ok. What I received: two cappuccino cups :)). The guy was asking how many cups I want. We went to search for Playa de Las Americas but we found instead Playa de Troya. We saw a parking spot close to the destination and stopped there (it's not easy to find a free spot). Well, the beach we were looking for was 1km away. This one that we found was very crowded. Today was very hot for this time of the year. In the afternoon the sand was very hot. The sea was a little bit agitated. Even so I got one hour to chillax in the sun bath. From there we went to a thermal spa club nearby. It's not comparable with Therme from home. It's much smaller. What I liked there: a pool with marine salt in which you float, a place where you walk on small stones to massage your feet and toes, Scottish showers and with ar

Day 5 - Vamos a la playa

Today the sun was on our side most of the day. We woke up early and went to check out Playa de Los Christianos. It was only 20 minutes from our place. This beach has golden sand and is close to the port with the same name. Next to this one is another beach, more beautiful from my point of view: Playa de Las Vistas. We had breakfast to a terrasse with balcony. After I finished my breakfast I went for a swim. I got almost one hour to recharge my batteries on sun. What can I say?! The water is not so warm but the hot sun helps after you get out. Then we went to Siam park, an aqua park. Yeah.. Not my thing. I don't like adrenaline.  We didn't stay too much because the water was only 2-3 degrees warmer than the ocean water. I checked out the beach. They have artificial waves :)). A little bit of tan, a ride on a river, where you are pushed by the water. If most of the way it's in slow-motion, before the finish there is a slide. For the pros that slide is low level but for me

Day 4 - Run after the sun

All day we searched for a sunny place. When we woke up it was cloudy so we decided to go on northeastern side of the island. First stop: Playa de Las Teresitas. By far this is the most beautiful beach on the island. It's with golden sand from Sahara. I walked a little bit. The sand is so soft, it was a pleasure for my feet to feel it. Unfortunately I was dragged away quickly. From that place I was able to see Gran Canaria. A local told us that when Gran Canaria can be seen from Tenerife it will rain. It didn't rain while we were there but it was neither sunny. From the beach we drove to Santa Cruz de Tenerife. I would have loved to discover all its hidden gems but I'm not traveling with explorers like me. Most of the time we are driving and when we are not, we don't go too far from the place where we leave the car. After wandering around we are again on the road, on our way to another place where maybe we can enjoy the last sunshines of this day. I'm talki

Day 3 - All I need is... Sun

First thing in the morning we checked the pool from the resort were our villa is located. Purrfect for swimming and enjoying the sun. Today was warmer, 24-26 degrees in the middle of the day. No clouds. We drove to Costa Adeje to take a 3h tour with the boat. Because we had plenty of time before the trip, me and Victor, but mostly me, were brave enough to try the water. I went all the way. It was cold, comparable with the Black Sea at the beginning of June. It was enough to stay one hour to a terrasse to get some tan. Before getting on the boat I went to buy a hat. Mihai went before me to buy one. He paid for his 10€. When I went I found with 6€ cause love I'm gorgeous :)). I confirmed I don't have sea sick. If yesterday I saw whales and dolphins in captivity today I saw them in their natural habitat. I saw also people living in caves on the coast. I can't tell if they are locals or not. After we came back to the port we walked a little bit and came across a nice re

Day 2 - Is this happiness?

I was woken up early in the morning by the wind. I don't know if it blows always during the night or is just temporary. Anyway the weather is perfect: warm enough during the day to wear shorts or dress. I tried also the water in Puerto de la Cruz and it's cold. I still hope to take a bath before I leave, even if I might get cold after. Today we did an exploratory ride on the island. We started from south-east, took the highway till Santa Cruz de Tenerife. On one side there was the sea and on the other side the mountains. The vegetation on the east coast is more dry than the other side of the island, is a semi-desert. I was not able to take pictures with all the landscape due to the speed but my eyes immortalized everything. From Santa Cruz de Tenerife we crossed the island towards Puerto de la Cruz. Here we took a longer break from driving, had the first coffee of the day (around 1pm),eat something and tried the water. The sand here is black. It's funny but when I saw th