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Fairy tale in London

The weather outside is perfect for telling the next story. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl who wanted to see the world. On a beautiful Friday she took Mădă, the red panda and together they started a new journey through time and space. A modern carriage with engines and wings flew them over fluffy clouds. The flight was long but the girl was prepared for that. She packed with her books to make time pass faster. In that mystic city, called London, a knight in shinny armor was waiting for her, to show her his kingdom. They jumped directly in 1066, where the warriors of King Harold were preparing for The Battle of Hastings. A Saxon-style encampment was set up in Hyde Park, where there were weapons, food and pottery demonstrations. They left behind the brave warriors and continued their walk through parks: Green Park, St Jame's Park. The small creatures living there: playful squirrels, gooses, ducks and others, were spotted at each step. Once they reac

Back in Brussels

I just came back from Brussels. I've been gone for a week. I found Brussels changed. Or I've changed and I see things differently. Now I can understand better my friends who work among strangers. Anyway.. It hasn't been all about work. In the evening I had some time to discover new places. I arrived on Sunday afternoon. View from my hotel room After I checked-in I went out with my colleagues. First we went to eat to Ellis Gourmet . Honestly, I was disappointed about the food there. It used to be better. Then we moved to  O'Reilly's for drinks. Beer with view to Bourse On the next evening we went for a walk in Gran Place. I love the shades of blue it had in that day. Otherwise the place is full with tourists. On Tuesday I went with some friends to  La Fontaine . This is a nice place near European Commission. The waitress was Romanian. I had a delicious salad with hot goat cheese, honey and bacon bits. Wednesday afternoon view from my room