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Den Haag

A sunny day can't be wasted doing nothing! I end up the week with a day trip to Hague. Once again, Daniel was my guide. I will not talk too much, I will let the photos to give you a glimpse of the city. Den Haag Centraal railway station is made out of glass and you can see through it. The first skyscrapers that I see! These ones house the Ministry of Security and Justice.  The coat of arms of The Hague is the official symbol of The Hague. The motto Vrede en Recht (English: Peace and Justice) was added on 27 September 2012 Binnenhof is a complex of buildings in the city center which houses the meeting place of both houses of the States General of the Netherlands, as well as the Ministry of General Affairs and the office of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands A quiet canal. Nothing compared with Amsterdam  Het Plein is a town square in the old city center. It is also the place where the old meets the new.  Grote Markt, once an old market square, now a

When in Amsterdam

Here I am again in Amsterdam! I think has come the moment to tell a little bit about my job. So, I am Dev Engineer at ING Tech Romania, an IT Hub serving the entire ING group. I started working here two years and a half  ago and I enjoy it! The people I work with are very cool. I worked for all this time on a project for ING BE, most of the time remotely from Bucharest and from time to time on site in Brussels. Now I'm boarding on a new and exciting project for ING NL and this is the reason of my trip to Amsterdam. I have the opportunity to work for two weeks with the team from here. It is a change that I wished for it and now I'm outside my comfort zone, learning new technologies, a different culture, making new connections. The first two days here were exhausting. I was not able to do anything after work. I've been before in Amsterdam but for holidays. Now I'm having a different experience. I didn't get the time to explore more the city but I had the chance to l