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Wandering in Vienna

In one month break from traveling I realised how much joy you can find in your own lifebox (read this article to understand what I'm referring to). Hanging out with friends helped me a lot in filling my lifebox with satisfaction! This trip to Vienna was an opportunity to rencounter with my best friend from Berlin. In the past years we used to travel a lot together until our paths went in different directions. Following the sunset! The first night in Vienna ends with us on Donaukanal having a drink and catching up. Donaukanal becomes vibrant during the night, with bars along the banks of the canal. Another spectacular thing about this canal is the street art you can see at every step on the walls. Street art @Donaukanal This turtle reminds me of Barcelona The next day starts at Nashmarkt, a vast market with 16th-century origins, with more than 100 food & vintage stalls, plus restaurants. Stall with various fruits Colorful ceramics From Nashmarkt