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Wandering in Vienna

In one month break from traveling I realised how much joy you can find in your own lifebox (read this article to understand what I'm referring to). Hanging out with friends helped me a lot in filling my lifebox with satisfaction!
This trip to Vienna was an opportunity to rencounter with my best friend from Berlin. In the past years we used to travel a lot together until our paths went in different directions.
Following the sunset!
The first night in Vienna ends with us on Donaukanal having a drink and catching up.

Donaukanal becomes vibrant during the night, with bars along the banks of the canal. Another spectacular thing about this canal is the street art you can see at every step on the walls.
Street art @Donaukanal

This turtle reminds me of Barcelona
The next day starts at Nashmarkt, a vast market with 16th-century origins, with more than 100 food & vintage stalls, plus restaurants.
Stall with various fruits

Colorful ceramics
From Nashmarkt we headed towards Stadtpark to chillout. On that way we spotted Karls Kirche.
Karls Kirche - an 18th-century Habsburg domed cathedral with a 32.5-meter platform for views of the ornate frescoes.
The weather was quite good. Too much humidity. The park was the perfect spot to cool down.
Barefoot in the grass @Stadtpark
It feels so good to be anchored in the present moment and enjoy the simplest things.

One of my achievements this year in matter of yoga - wheel pose @Stadtpark
It's not as perfect as the ferry wheel but I'm imperfect and I'm perfectly ok with that.
After practicing wheel pose in the park here it is a real one: @Viennese Giant Ferris Wheel
At this point Florin gave up of going aimlessly through the city and I continued my way. And I discovered another thing which bugged a lot of time: I'm perfectly OK  with wandering in life as I do it when I travel. Yeah, I don't have it all figure it out but I learn to deal with the unexpected and this makes me grow up.
Hundertwasser House Vienna - an apartment house, built after the idea and concept of Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser with architect Joseph Krawina as a co-author. 
I returned in the room before the storm started.
Another view from the Donaukanal
After the storm passed away we went out for a drink and a small desert 😊😋!
I couldn't leave Vienna without trying the famous Apflelstrudel 
The next morning we didn't rush in getting out because of the rain. And when we did we headed straight to a coffee restaurant.
Wiener Melange a speciality coffee drink similar to cappuccino
You can't leave Vienna without remarking any of Gustav Klimt art works.
His artworks are even on jam jars. Apparently the women is the artist's life partner, Emilie Flöge.

Ferstel passage - apparently this is a shopping mall

Tree roses with messages left by the people who planted them @ Volksgarten (People's Garden)
From Volksgarten our steps led us to Rathaus, the city hall built in Neo-Gothic style. In the park in front of the building, there are concerts and summer cinema.
A hallway in Rathaus

No caption needed

Same-sex traffic light symbols are everywhere in the city

Can you tell which one is painted and which one is natural?

At least Vienna didn't dissapointed me at street art

Here and there you can find a little bit of color

It's not called Belvedere for nothing

I'm fabulous and I know it! Meow 😸

That Sunday evening feeling!
But wait, Monday came and I was still in Vienna! I saved for the last day the visit to Schonbrunn palace, the 18th-century summer palace with tours of lavish rococo ceremonial rooms, plus gardens with a maze.
I chose the Imperial Tour with access to 26 rooms, including the apartments of Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife Elisabeth (aka "Sisi"). Go for the audio guided tour (it's available also in Romanian). From it I learned some interesting facts such as: Elizabeth was an independent women for that time. She used to travel a lot alone, unaccompanied by her family (do you see some similarity here!?) and she was very concerned about her silhouette that's why she often skipped the family dinner with 8 meal courses.

The gardens are amazing and I can imagine the royal family members and their guests taking long walks on hot summer evenings

Scenic panorama from Gloriette, an 18th-century triumphal arch with arcades

Here a more close view of the palace from the hilltop
I would like to end this post with this quote:
"Life isn't about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself."
- George Bernard Shaw


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