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Past, present and future

It came the time for this journey to end and make room for a new one to begin.

The journey through 2017

It wasn't a smooth ride but that's life with upsides and downsides. If there is one thing I'm content I've achieved this year is: balance. I went through breakups with my best friend, lovers, I felt lonely in a crowded world, unworthy, with no talents. This is only one side of the story, but I want to tell the other side of it, that I am a strong woman, smart, cheerful, a dreamer, talented, brave. I just needed some pushes to discover all these things. 
I was brave to travel alone across the country to volunteer for "Magia baloanelor" in Iași. It was crazy and filled me with joy. I met a lot of wonderful and passionate people, who are not holdback by the environment they live in. 
Oh! and this was not my only solo-travel this year, it was followed by Budapest and Lisbon. They strengthened my self-trust. Solo-traveling wasn't the only thing that strengthened me, yoga was an important practice which helped me with self-discovery. I started the year with a 30 days challenge which extended to a daily routine. If the day turns out to be difficult, there is one part of it which is flawless, and that's the morning. I am really happy I built a healthy morning routine: 10-15 min of yoga + a great breakfast. There was a period when I skipped it and the results were obvious: more anger, frustration, less energy to do anything else. Another healthy habit I developed in the past months is taking weekly a yoga session in a dedicated studio. A breakup led my steps to Anca's detox class which helped me a lot.
Other helpers during this ride were the books I've read and the music I've listened. Reading a good book brings me satisfaction.  I can brag that I've read a lot of good books this year, most of them recommended by friends. It's worth mentioning: "Man's search for meaning", "The Art of Travel", "Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions", "Kafka on the shore", "1Q84", "Antifragile: Things that gain from disorder", "Sapiens: A brief history of humankind". In matter of music it was a year of exploration. I've attended two great music festivals: NOS Alive'17 in Lisbon and SummerWell in Bucharest.
Most of the things I wished for this year I've accomplished: I quit sugar and I intend to keep it like that; I practice yoga daily; I traveled to new places and revisited others; I didn't bought a bike, although I give it a try by renting one occasionally; I didn't took the driving license but I have no regrets; I did take drawing lessons and I've learnt all it takes to succeed is grit rather than talent; I did learn a little bit of Portuguese before traveling to Lisbon; regarding friendships I came to a painful conclusion: with years passing it is harder to make deep connections like when you are teenager and I accepted the fact.
There is an unexpected thing that happened: I was courageous to make this blog public. I bought also a domain for it. All merits to a special person who inspired me to do it!

The future journey through 2018

I wish it will be empowering.
I quit sugar and I intend to continue it like that.
I will start the year with another 30 days of yoga and keep practicing daily. There is one intention I want to set: by the end of year I want to build strength and trust to do a headstand.
I will continue exploring Europe and write about it. I have already booked some escapes: Naples in March (hiking the Vesuvius), Copenhagen in May. Other travel ideas I have in mind are: cherries blossoming in Bonn (if I can't enjoy for the moment this experience in Japan I can do it in Europe also), road trip in Andalusia, Northern Lights in Iceland. 
I have joined a book club (yes, they still exist in this digital world) and I intend to keep going to these monthly meetings. 
At the beginning of the year I signed up for acting classes but I quit quickly. Now, at the end of year, I signed up again and this time I am determined to stick with it. In 6 months from now on, you are all invited to my first play.
I most not forget the career which is as important as the personal development. In 2017 I have neglected it but I intend to give it more attention in 2018. The new year will find me switching back to dev and planning to increase the seniority in different technologies.
I will let myself surprised by unknown
Last but not least: I will keep my heart and mind opened to whatever will come.

Happy New Year!


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