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Rendez-vous à Paris

It's September. Summer ended. The following months I will be traveling a lot: Brussels, London, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona. Till then a little post about my trip to Paris from last year.
One year ago in this time I was writing my bachelor thesis. It was a stressful period. But I managed to finish it in time and celebrate the success with a weekend in Paris.
I met with Florin there, my traveling companion. I was the first arriving. I remember the weather wasn't so great. It was cloudy. At some point it also started to rain.
My journey started with Arc de Triomphe, a long walk on Avenue des Champs-Élysées, Place de la Concorde.
I rested on a bench in Jardin des Tuileries, watching the ducks.

Then I went to admire the pyramid outside the Musée du Louvre.

Next stop: Sacré-Cœur.

In this neighborhood I got lost. I didn't have wifi reception and my offline map wasn't working. I remember I was looking for a specific subway station with direct connection to the hotel. My orientation skills let me down. Instead of going in the right direction I went in the opposite one.
After wandering around I found my way to the hotel.
View from the hotel where we stayed
The next day started with croissants and caffè latte. Yum..yum.. We had a lot of croissants and pain au chocolat. One year later I learned how to pronounce it correctly. No wander why they didn't understand me then.
As we use to do, we just wander around the city. This way we ended up to a electronic music festival on the street.
Photo taken by Florin at the street festival
We spent a lot of time in Le Jardin du Luxembourg, enjoying the sun, the silence.
Credits to Florin
I went back to Jardin des Tuileries to show it to Florin too. We went also to Ile de la Cité. We passed by Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris. It was too crowded so we moved on.
We walked by Seine, talking, enjoying the moment.
Eiffel Tower was the final destination on that day. Personally I wasn't so impressed. There were a lot of people. It was too much for me.

The last day we didn't do too much. We walked, we met with a friend of Florin and then each of us took a different road to go back home.
My way back home was very long. My flight was delayed and I had to wait 4h in the airport. Yeah.. while waiting I found out how big is the Mona Lisa painting. Thank God I didn't waste 1h30 staying in the queue. Yeah.. I didn't stay to any queue in Paris, except the queues from boulangeries.
I will be back to Paris one day. It's on my bucket list to have a picnic with cheese and red wine in the park near the Eiffel Tower (I need to check if it's ok to drink alcohol in public spaces before).
PS: From Paris I sent the first postcards to my best friends and family and I continue doing that where ever I go. Thank you Florin for that!


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