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Bye bye 2018! Yellow 2019!

If I should pick up a word to describe 2018, that will be courage! I've exposed myself and expanded my comfort zone a lot, both personal and professional.
January started with a project change. I've went in the last business trip in Brussels before switching to Amsterdam. The novelty of this short business trip was the visit of an-ex prison in Breda. This month I've read "A Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgess.
In February I've spent two weeks in Amsterdam, my first business trip in Netherlands. This month I've read "The Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Atwood. March started with a roller coaster of journeys! 10 days, 3 countries and many cities visited.  From Andalusia, I flew in Amsterdam for an interview at Booking which I didn't pass. But it was okay. I still have things to learn and I didn't give up to the idea to move to Netherlands. From Amsterdam, I flew back to Bucharest for an "Avventura Napoletana".  This month I…

Vibrant Yogyakarta

From Bali we flew directly into the core of Java island, in Yogyakarta (often called Jogja). If you want to experiment genuinely Indonesian culture this is the place to do it.
After the checkin, we went to explore the surroundings.  From the airport we took a Grab, and from the car I've noticed on streets artists playing on percussive instruments. Later I found out this is some traditional Javanese music.
Another symbol of the city is the becak, cycle rickshaw. You will see them everywhere in the city.  Another Indonesian heritage that you can delight with is the batik, a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to whole cloth.  Near the Malioboro street, a major shopping street, we found a hidden garden with live music. So, Malioboro street is very vibrant in the evening. There are a lot of shops and stalls with food, clothes, crafted accessories. 
What surprised me most were the people. We were stopped many times by locals to take photos with us. I was interviewed twice by some st…