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Solo traveling in Copenhagen

It's known from old times that traveling is a therapeutic activity. In the middle ages when something was wrong with you, you were meant to head out for pilgrimage to commune with relics of a saint or a member of the holy family. I find solo traveling very empowering. It builds the self-confidence, challenges you, helps to discover yourself, to be in contact with your own feelings.
I've learned some important lessons from this journey in Copenhagen. One lesson learnt: TRUST. I've struggled a lot to find accommodation; on a single room with shared bathroom was quite expensive and I was doubtful about Airbnb. In the end I chose to have TRUST in Airbnb and the booking confirmation came immediately.
The room I've stayed for three nights! Less is more!
Another valuable lesson learnt from this experience: don't judge your feelings, even if they are negative. Loneliness is an unbearable feeling, and you'd think how's possible to feel so lonely in a big city?! The reality is that we experience loneliness more in a big city rather than in a small village. The persons more vulnerable are those who are living faraway from their family. That being said, I can tell you from my own experience that Copenhagen is not suitable for lonely people. But if you still get there try to do your best and enjoy this beautiful city.
Do your best and Live with NO Stress!
In Copenhagen I felt the closest to the nature in a city. I know it sounds crazy but trust me, I've felt it! Copenhagen is a sensorial city: breath in the blossomed trees fragrances and listen to birds trills!
The journey through the urban "jungle" begins here!
Camilla, my Airbnb host recommended me to check out Kastellet, a star-shaped 17th-century fortress with ramparts. I don't have a picture from above but if you search it on maps you'll see the star-shape.
The pathways are popular among runners 

The water surrounding the citadel is now the habitat of harmless birds  

Windmill built in 1847 to supply the fortified city in the event of siege

View from the fortress wall

The Rows are six two-storey terraces which were originally built by Henrik Ruise as barracks for the soldiers based at the Citadel

On my way back to the accommodation I ended up on this street with colorful buildings  

Too bad you can't feel the fragrance of the lilac! 
After a good sleep, I woke up eager to explore more! On my walk near the lakes I've spotted a lot of hyggeligt buildings
The graffiti depicting the lakes 

Did anyone see a giraffe?!

Cozy balconies for summer days

Oh boy! The sky is the limit!

Music ON! World OFF!
Lunch in Ørsteds Park!
But then it started to rain and found shelter in Torvehallerne market.
There are no words to describe the fruity scents diffused

When the rain stopped I headed towards Botanisk Have, the botanical garden, where the access is free! 
Lilly pads on one side, pathway on the other side and the Palm house in background

I wish I knew what bird is this!

The Palm house is closed due to renovations
I've left behind the botanical garden and wandered on deserted streets, enjoying the silence and the colors.

Let's rest after the long walk!
The hammock was waiting for me right there!
It took me some time to get here!

I got used with the silence and now humans?!
The day ended with sunset in the harbour. I love the long summer days, and in the north are even longer!
The next morning started with a walk in Kongens Have (King's Garden). I couldn't leave Copenhagen without paying a visit to the royals.
I was getting drunk from lilac aroma

Renaissance style

The boy with the swan fountain

Rosenborg Castle
And my journey ends with a last hidden green gem: Østre Anlæg Park.


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