Autumn in Prague

October 31, 2019 For a long time I dreamt about visiting Prague. My desire for Prague started to blossom when I discovered Milan Kundera's work. The latest book of him that I read was "Farwell Waltz". The first tentative to visit Prague was in September but I ended up buying tickets to Kos. But now, here I am living the dream.
I booked an early flight so, by 12pm I was already checking-in at my airbnb accommodation. I left my luggage and searched for a place to have lunch. By the way, my airbnb is located near Náměstí Míru. And in this area I found Momoichi Bistro, a premium coffee with Japanese twist. I liked here that they have also vegetarian options. Lately I avoided eating meat. I am experimenting things.
In my airbnb room I found some brochures with different walks off the beaten paths and I got inspired to create my own. You can find the brochures also online.
I stop first at the Havlíčkovy Gardens, a complex inspired by Italian Renaissance with grottoes, fountai…
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